You have been tasked with assembling an army consisting of Dragons, Orcs, Elves, and Northmen to fight alongside King Björn the Awesome against the evil Ice Queen and her Cold Legions! Your Stronghold will be your source of wealth and Resources, the heart of your army and the central point of your ever-growing domain.

Your job as Lord Marshal is to build and command your army, grow your Stronghold, and protect it from the Cold Legions. On your journey you will have to challenge rival Strongholds and fight to claim your place in the annals of Shingård!

Only through clever diplomacy, Resource trading, and the forming of Alliances with other Lord Marshals will you leave your mark! The choices you make, Lord Marshal, will determine your chances of success!

BLOOD PACTSblood pacts

Singing Blood Pacts will pay off by increasing your strength as an army and your ability to stand up to the Ice Queen. It will also allow you to train new types of Units, gain abilities, and even construct new Buildings. Update Blood Pacts to increase the statistics of Units and Buildings.


If you wish to come out on top in the battle against the Ice Queen, you must learn to manage your three main Resources – Fish, Mushrooms, and Fire Ale. To increase your Resource production, you will need to construct Fisherman’s Huts, Mushroom Patches, and Fire Ale Breweries.

These will help provide the people of your Stronghold – and the warriors in your army – with everything they need to survive and grow. Your Fish and Mushrooms will be stored in Storehouses within your Stronghold, and the Fire Ale you produce will be stored in Alehouses.

All of your Units will require a certain amount of Fire Ale per hour in upkeep costs. Build and Upgrade your Fire Ale Breweries to increase the amount of Fire Ale produced each hour. Remember, the total amount of Fire Ale that can be kept in your Stronghold is limited by the capacity of your Alehouses, so do not forget to continuously Upgrade them to increase their storage.

A wise Lord Marshal knows better than to rely solely on the Resource production of their own Stronghold and citizens, but will instead use their army to retrieve the necessary Resources. You will also need to master the art of Trade if you wish to maximize the efficiency of your Stronghold – Trade your surplus Resources with your Clanmates to ensure you always have enough to sustain your Stronghold!


Simply having a large army is not enough to win the war against the Ice Queen – you will need to be a master of the strategic arts if you wish to stand a chance against her and her Cold Legions! Join a Clan or create and develop your own to fight alongside other Lord Marshals, occupy other Strongholds, and increase your control over Shingård! Fight together and cooperate with other Lord Marshals to defeat rival Clans, gain fame, and enjoy the spoils of battle.

By creating your own Clan and assisting other Lord Marshals, you can supply Resources and even Reinforcements to each other in times of need. To succeed and overcome the Cold Legions, it is going to take a joint effort! You’ll need to work together and master battle strategy if you have any hope of victory – be warned, no Lord Marshal can survive alone!